Rosemanor Residential Care Home


If a vacancy is available, a referral form (PDF | MSWORD) must be filled in and return to us along with psychiatric, psychologist, OT, History profile, medical report. Arrangements for an assessment will be made, whereby one of senior management will speak to you to see whether we can care for you. Once assessment is done, you can view the home and begin trial visits where they can stay and see if they like it . They start on a day visit, then a night visit then a week visit; these visits are invoiced for an agreed amount depending on your funding. If all parties are in agreement, a tenancy agreement can be issued. Once all the necessary paperwork is filled in, a move in date can be established.

We would have to speak to either the social worker or care coordinator of the person looking to be place, so that they can make a referral for them. If you are looking to make a referral, please click here. Once this has been arranged, we will organize a visit so they can see the facilities and services that we would provide. It is also a great chance to interact with other service users and staff that are happy to answer any questions that they may have. The home manager will then have to complete an Assessment based on the information obtained to see if Rose Manor is the most suitable place.

Once we have established a safe environment, plans can begin for admission. This would include day visits, and then night visits to allow time before a final decision is made. Agreements will then be made by the home and the service user whereby a set of rules and guidelines would have to follow, as well as an agreement for funding. Finally a contract will be issued showing that the residence is approved under a month trial period provided that the agreements made prior are met. As long as enough notice is given, the contract may be terminated. The home reserves the right to refuse admission should they feel that the needs cannot be fulfilled at that time. Once the admission is concluded, a care plan, full assessment including risk assessment will be completed within a few days.


Fee Structure

We accept placements based on the following criteria:

From referrals from local authority: Once an assessment has been made, a contract with the home, the local authority providing the funding, and the service user will be made.

From privately funded clients: Following the same procedure as above, a contract between all three parties must be made before a place at Rose Manor can be established.

Our basic fee per week is £650 including care from our trained and helpful staff, accommodation, utilities and amenities and meals and healthy snacks. Usually a service user will require additional needs to the basic price, so a fee breakdown is subject to the assessment carried on. Factors that may affect the overall weekly fee of the service user include:

  • Background History
  • Current Needs
  • Extra needs
  • Personal guidance and monitoring

No VAT is charged to our services. Rose manor reserves the right to refuse admission to those whose requirements cannot be maintained by the home and its staff.

Termination of contract

You are able to terminate your contract with as at any time, provided that you give the right amount of notice in accordance with our policies and procedures. Click here to see full document.

Vacancies and Applications

Depending on your needs, an assessment needs to be made by a representative of the home, social services and the trust authorising the placement. While we try our best to place people who require our care, there may be other factors preventing so. If we do not have any vacancies available, your request will immediately be placed on an automated waiting list, visit the home page for our vacancies.

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